Girls Camp

Sam left for her first year of girls camp today.  It's nuts.  I can't believe it.  I remember going to my first year.  I am so excited for her, I hope she's staying warm and dry and having a blast.  She was so nervous.  This is her first time away from home for an extended period of time, when not staying with family.  I guess I didn't realize how nerve wrecking it is.  I started going to camps at age 7, so I guess it didn't phase me by the time I was 12.

Three Things I am Grateful for:
1. Thank you, neighbor, who lent me rice, when I discovered my lack thereof after already starting stir-fry for dinner.

2. Tonight I changed the bedtime routine, and put Jayce down first, rather than Kayla, and instead had quiet time with her.  For how difficult two year olds are, I am grateful for those quiet moments.

3. I am grateful Blogger will let me schedule posts.  I have all my missing days written down, I just haven't had time to put them online, but when I do, I can put them in order.

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