Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Girls Camp

Sam left for her first year of girls camp today.  It's nuts.  I can't believe it.  I remember going to my first year.  I am so excited for her, I hope she's staying warm and dry and having a blast.  She was so nervous.  This is her first time away from home for an extended period of time, when not staying with family.  I guess I didn't realize how nerve wrecking it is.  I started going to camps at age 7, so I guess it didn't phase me by the time I was 12.

Three Things I am Grateful for:
1. Thank you, neighbor, who lent me rice, when I discovered my lack thereof after already starting stir-fry for dinner.

2. Tonight I changed the bedtime routine, and put Jayce down first, rather than Kayla, and instead had quiet time with her.  For how difficult two year olds are, I am grateful for those quiet moments.

3. I am grateful Blogger will let me schedule posts.  I have all my missing days written down, I just haven't had time to put them online, but when I do, I can put them in order.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

#24: Laci

Laci is my good thing today.  She is so amazing.  All my children are, in their own ways. Laci is the prime definition of middle child.  Her older sister gets a lot of attention for how much responsibility she takes on, and the younger ones get a lot of attention because they are toddlers.

We as parents, love them all, and do our best, but I think she often feels stuck in the middle.

Tonight, she stayed up the latest.  And I really enjoyed our one-on-one talk.

Laci is growing up and so intelligent.  She has a great logic, and I love the way she thinks and the ideas she comes up with.  Today she said it would be great if there was something to make it so we didn't have to clean at all.  She is always coming up with crazy ideas, and the way she gets to the final product just brings a big smile to my face.

She is also an excellent entertainer!  Her giggle is contagious, and though she may be shy with those she doesn't know, she is the biggest clown I know.  With both her little brother and sister, she is the first to make them laugh.  It is her daily goal in life, to make them laugh.  And she will do absolutely anything to accomplish it.

She loves fun, and hates work.  In our family, we work together to pull the load around the house.  She struggles with it, but never gives up.  She has the biggest heart, her emotions are deep and strong in all directions.

I can't wait to watch her grow and see who she becomes as she develops and uses all these traits for good!

Three Things I am grateful for:
1. Play & Pretend at the library. It was our first time- so much fun!
2. Beautiful weather!  We spent time outside, and Kayla finally has figured out how to peddle her bike.  Too bad it doesn't keep her attention for more than thirty seconds! :)
3. I am grateful to live here.  Where I am, right now.  Yes, sometimes it is hard, it isn't super close to the bus, and that bus only runs a 5 days a week/6am-6pm. But after today, and the friendships strengthened with neighbors, and friendships created, I am feeling really blessed!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

One Good Thing #23

Today Sam was able to go to another friends house.  I am so happy to watch her grow up and become her own person.  I am really proud of who she is becoming, and she doesn't hear it nearly enough.  She is my good thing today.  When she was born, I was told in a blessing that Heavenly Father sent her to me, to show me how much He loved me..  Well, that couldn't be more true.  She brings such a sweet spirit to our family. And it wouldn't be complete without her.

Three Things I am Grateful For:
1. My sister-in-law, Emily (I love movie nights out!)
2. Girls willing to calmly take over making mac n cheese when mom slices her thumb open cutting a hot dog.
3. Super glue.  It saved me a lot of blood and band aids today

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

One Good Thing #22

Wow, I can't believe it's already been over 3 weeks since I start of this project. It has been interesting to watch it transform. I have gone from looking for things to be grateful for and a good thing that happens each day, to hoping and praying that I don't forget whatever it was that happened by the end of the day!
Today was it pretty average day when it comes to motherhood. potty training is always an adventure. And I think that's all I have to say about that!

The thing that made my day today was something that Jayce did.  I had just finished changing his diaper a few minutes before, so I was still on the floor.  He got up, walked over to the wrapped up diaper and picked it up. I was going to stop him, but I decided to see what he was going to do instead.  He examined it a moment, then proceeded to toddle over to the diaper pail by the door, open it, and put the diaper inside. He closed it, and continued on with his exploring!  How awesome is that?  Barely one, and already throwing away his diapers.

Three things I am grateful for:
1. My amazing kids.  Heavenly Father has blessed me so much.
2. Oreo Pizza
3. Summer Thunderstorms.

Monday, July 28, 2014

One Good Thing #21

One Good thing that happened today: Sam had a friend over today who said I was cool! But better yet, it was a great feeling to hear them laughing from the other room. My girl deserves the downtime!

3 things I am grateful for:
1. A nine year old willing to clean up sister's accident because mom was busy
2. The ability to kiss and snuggle an accident-prone 1 year old all better.
3. 5 min family home evening lessons from The Friend.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

One Good Thing #20

Today my sister brought me clothes.  That may not seem like much, but when you have lost a lot of weight, it is definitely a plus.  I guess I can say I officially love hand-me-downs! (never thought I would say that)

1. My sister taking the girls for a well deserved cousin time.
2. Sleeping in.
3. Good kids.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

One Good Thing #19

Today we got to spend time with my parents, who were in ton for a wedding, and my sister! Its been a year since I've seen my mom and it was a lot of fun! They took all 9 grandkids school shopping! (It was quite the sight) And we even got some needed odds and ends. Then it was a quick lunch, said our goodbyes to Grandma and Grandpa Lake then, along with Cass, took the kids to the museum at thanksgiving point for the afternoon. Fun times had by all.
Three things I am grateful for:
1. My sister for taking Sam and Laci for a sleep over.
2. Toddler cuddles.
3. My parents' health.